Basic Grooming

We provide the most economical pet grooming offers in Dubai. With efficient groomers experienced in using a variety of tools and techniques to groom pets of all sizes and breeds, we handle every service with perfection. We fulfill all the grooming expectations of the clients with their pets. As our groomers are professional, investigative, and intellectual to provide beyond the expectations of the client, we have been rated as the best station for professional pet grooming in Dubai.

The basic pet grooming package includes the fundamental grooming requirements of your pet. The package consists of professional hands-on services on bathing, brushing, trimming of paws and bum area, ear cleaning, blow dryer, cleaning eyes, healthy checkup, and trimming nails. We use quality products and tools for delivering quality services to clients. With our groomers, pets get well-aligned and gain perfect health. On-time grooming is highly recommended to all kinds of pets, such that health concerns can be rectified earliest and appropriate interventions can be done.

Pets grooming Dubai

Basic pet grooming package

Trimming of Nails

Every type of pet grows nails, and this growth may cause discomfort for them in routines including walking. Unwanted nail growth can cause injuries that may even lead to infections. Our pet grooming in Dubai provides a basic package that includes nail trimming for your pet animals, wherein we will be using sterilized nail clippers and nail grinders and also hygienic procedures to perform the process with ease. As pets walk, the wear and tear on nails, not only injure them but also causes misbehaviors due to pain or infections on the same ground. Thus trimming nails for the pet is highly recommended.

Pet Grooming Salon


Brushing is a part of basic pets grooming. Our pet groomers offer professional brushing for the pets with toothbrushes and toothpaste designed for them. To maintain better oral health, it is advised to remove the plaques and dirt sediment on the teeth. The plaque depositions and dirt may cause decay or infections that could result in teeth falling, gum diseases, etc. We have a large collection of oral care products for different types of pets and with vigorous expertise in the industry, our pet groomers keep the dental hygiene of the teeth of the pets arriving Wooferine.

Pets grooming in Dubai


The final stage of grooming a pet is the brushing of hair. Usually, a primary brushing before the bath will be given to the pets for detangling the knots on hairs. We use the perfect type of brushes and combs to brush the hairs of each type of pet which will also help to coat the oil on the skin. By using dryers and mats, we provide the utmost post-bath care to your pet. The use of the right brush can remove loose hair and spread your pet’s natural oils through his/her coat for a healthy shine.

Pets grooming Dubai

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