Full Grooming

Looking for the best pet grooming Dubai – Choose Wooferine’s full grooming bundle and enjoy an immaculate pet spa experience!

We offer a basic to premium full grooming package to all kinds of pets. With efficient groomers well versed in handling all types and breeds of pets, we extend the most comprehensive and best pet grooming in Dubai.

Full Grooming service includes:

  • Trimming Nails
  • Haircut and Styling
  • Cleaning Ears
  • Cleaning Eyes
  • Cleaning Foot/Paws
  • Tooth Care
  • Bathing (wet and dry bath)
  • Blow Drying
  • Brushing
  • Health Checkup
Best Pet grooming Dubai

Trimming Nails, Haircut and Styling

Most of the pets grow hairs often. Hair grooming is a major part of taking care of pets. We provide quality hair grooming sessions with our full grooming package to meet every hair grooming requirement of the pets arriving at Wooferine. Overgrowth of hairs in various parts of a pet’s body may cause severe diseases and infections. It requires regular trimming of body hairs. Our pet grooming service in Dubai uses the perfect toolset and clipper blades to shave or cut the hairs of pets. With immense care and hygienic condition, we take care of your pet’s haircut, styling, and trimming at an affordable cost.

Our groomers get friendly with every type of pet and choose the right equipment and combs based on the hair type of the pet. Hence we could offer the best haircut, styling, and trimming with our grooming service in Dubai. Wooferine services, the best grooming in Dubai uses perfect tools such as nail clippers and nail grinders that will keep your pet’s nails short and smooth with less risk of cutting the quick. Groomers from our pet grooming service in Dubai use tools under a sterile and hygienic condition which will reduce the chance of infection on pets.

Pet Grooming Salon

Cleaning Ears, Eyes, and Foot/Paws

As pets are the animals that carry a susceptible body prone to infectious agents or other small pathogens, maintaining cleanliness and keeping them hygienist is necessary to avoid any health issues for them and caretakers.

Cleaning the ears, eyes, nose, and paws of the pet is advised to carry out at least once a month. Our full grooming package includes this service carried by professional groomers who will provide the exceptionally best pet grooming in Dubai. As we use sterile tools to clean ears, eyes, and paws and also check for any existing infections or chance, pets never get prone to any sort of illness by accumulating dirt inside.

As pets are more exposed to infections, regular grooming, and cleaning of eyes will help them also to stay comfortable. Hairs growing in the sides of the eyes should be trimmed as they may irritate the site. Wooferine’s services, known as the best grooming in Dubai to provide immense care to the eyes of your pets and keeps them healthy without any infections.

Full Grooming Dubai

Bathing, Tooth Care, and Brushing

Giving tooth care, bathing and brushing are included in full grooming offered by Wooferine. With modern pet care practices and advanced grooming tools, we help our clients with quality services in an affordable package. All you have to do is, just choose your grooming service. From the pick-up of pet, grooming and dropping back can get done at in minimal budget.

Full Grooming in Dubai

Tooth Care

Brushes and toothpaste designed for pets are used to clean the tooth of the pets. It is advised to remove the plaques and dirt sediment on the teeth to maintain tooth hygiene as any decay or infections may cause teeth falling gum diseases etc. There are various products available in the market to keep the dental hygiene of the teeth of the pets. At Wooferine, the center for the best pet grooming in Dubai, we use advanced oral care practice and provide the pets with the best oral care service at an economic price.

Best Pet grooming in Dubai

Bathing with Shampooing

It is necessary to give a timely bath for your pet. Bathing will remove Dirt, grease, and any foreign substance on the body of the pet. Giving bath will stimulate its skin and hairs such that the dog will get comfort and relaxation. Our dog groomers provide perfect bathing for your dog with deep cleaning of furs and hairs.

Full grooming package includes optional bath of a dry and wet bath. With a dry bath, we use waterless shampooing to cleanse the skin and hairs of the pet, whereas, in water bathing, pets will be given the usual bathing within an exclusive premise.

Best Pet grooming Dubai

Blow-Dry and Brushing

The final stage of grooming a pet is the brushing of hair. Usually, a primary brushing before the bath will be given to the pets for detangling the knots on hairs. We use the perfect type of brushes and combs to brush the hairs, which will help to coat the oil on the skin. By using blow dryers and mats, we provide the utmost care to your pet with an immaculate brushing experience. As the right brush can remove loose hair and spread your pet’s natural oils through his/her coat for a healthy shine, we use the most suitable brush for each pet type and their hairs.

best pet grooming in dubai

Health Checkup

Pets are highly susceptible to various health issues. Unnoticed wounds or injuries may cause serious mishaps. Routine health checkups will help pets to stay healthy. Any mild to unnoticeable parasite infestation or growth can be diagnosed in earlier stages with routine checkups.

With qualified vet professionals, we offer comprehensive healthcare to every pet arriving at Wooferine. We take all sorts of pets through professional diagnostic procedures and detect every symptoms or sign that may lead or take the pet through an unhealthy time. With immense professional vet care given to each pet, we have gained popularity across the emirates and remain the industry’s best pet grooming in Dubai.

best pet grooming in dubai

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