Medicated Grooming

Grooming is a part of pampering your loved pets. With grooming you are not just keeping your pet good, but also providing them better means to have comfortable and active days. Only a healthy pet can become your best companion. Medicated grooming is a specially planned grooming session designed to deliver medicated pet care services to all types of pets. At Wooferine, we do consider each health concern of the client’s pet and understand the sensitivity of the animal towards every grooming type.

Medicated grooming sessions use special tools and materials that will not cause any sort of allergy, reaction, or irritation on the skin. Medicated grooming is ideal for pregnant pets and the ones with any kind of infection or disease. We provide immense care and delicate grooming sessions wherein the pets will get the best consideration on their grounds of health and wellbeing.

At Wooferine’s medicated grooming services in Dubai, groomers use medicated shampoos, creams, and gels that are compatible with each type of pet’s health wellbeing. We also advise the pet keepers on the requirements of medicines, vaccinations, and other precautions that every pet keeper has to follow. With professional vet services, we provide sterilization and vaccination runs for pets of any type.

Pet Grooming packages
Pet Grooming package

Medicated Grooming

Wooferine’s medicated grooming in Dubai includes a wide range of services that could offer better health and well-being to pets. This medicated grooming will help keep pets away from parasitic infections, infestations, skin and oral cavity inflammations, tooth decay, and many more diseases to which pets are highly prone.

We provide:

  • Medicated Bath
  • Medicated Shampooing
  • Skincare and Checkup
  • Oral Health Checkup
  • Parasite Control
  • Insect Control
  • Medicated Cleaning of Nails and Paws
  • Sterilization and More.

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